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Nice! However, the "drink bleach" & "drink vinegar" options have not been implemented apparently D:

Ah, I think I left those as simple item descriptions after failing to implement an inventory system in javascript :( Hope you enjpyed it nonetheless! 

Haha this is brilliant, the joys of Blackpool <3 

Poor Adam West. :)

I actually came up with that joke prior to the news, now I feel awful :'(

no worries mate. You couldnt have known.

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I went to the hospital quite a few times haha. Can I actually really die? I think I almost tried everything :P The introduction was a bit too long with no choice. (I almost gave up at that point)

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Yeah the darkest joke of the game is probably that you can't kill yourself at all! Though you can really try xD As for the introductory monologue, I appreciate the feedback!